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Kerala Tourism

Kerala – “The God’s Own Country” is a narrow strip of land, rolled out like a green carpet between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, in the south-west coast of India. The name Kerala or Keralam means the land of ‘Kera’ (coconut). It has an area of 38,863 Sq.Km. with a population 3.20 crores.

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Kerala Art Forms

Kerala is a land blessed with distinct styles of Art forms. It has an history rooted in the cultural, religious and social structure of Kerala. As in any other culture, the primitive art forms in Kerala are based on folk. Folk arts are the simple art forms of common man.

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Kerala Ayurveda

Kerala’s Ayurveda has acquired worldwide acclaim as a natural and holistic health system. The geographical condition and the availability of variety of medicinal plants and herbs made Kerala, the nerve centre of Ayurveda. Ayurveda, the traditional system...

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Kerala Temples

Temples are the core of the cultural life of Kerala. Worship is correlated with the progression of mankind. In the primitive, society, man has to fight against animals, nature and natural calamities for their subsistence...

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Kerala Festivals

With the scenic beauty and the rich and vibrant culture, Kerala celebrates various forms of festivals. These festivals are related to religion, temples, social and community rituals and traditions. All seasons have festivals, and each one a celebration. The spirit of these....

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Kerala Rivers

Rivers endure a civilization. Earlier, agriculture was the only means of mankind. Hence they inhabited around the rivers. Civilizations had its origin and evolution in the banks of the rivers as they bring prosperity, culture, values, wisdom, knowledge, devotion and spiritual heritage....

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Kerala Personalities

Kerala is fortunate to have several famous personalities who have excelled in their distinct field of activities. They strived and struggled against all odds, and have reached the peak of success by their dedication, determination and courage...

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Kerala Culture

Kerala’s Culture is a multifarious and sophisticated culture which came into being through a long historical process. The Kerala culture attained its identity through the language, the life style, the art and literature, the rituals and festivals...

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Kerala Cinema

The history of Malayala Cinema begins with “Vigathakumaran “(The Lost Child), a silent movie written, produced and directed by J.C.Daniel in 1928. The plot was a social drama, but an economic failure. J.C.Daniel himself and P.K. Rosy played the lead roles in the film along with Johnson and Sunder Raj. J.C. Daniel is considered as the Father of Malayala Cinema....

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Kalarippayattu is the traditional Martial Arts form of Kerala. It has a history of 3000 years of existence. Legends say that Lord Parashurama is the founder of Kalarippayattu, and he instituted 108 Kalaries all over the land. Kalarippayattu is considered to be the forerunner of all other eastern martial arts forms like Karate, Kung-fu, Judo, Wushu etc. ....

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Kerala Churches

Kerala is famous for its natural beauty and greenery; at the same time as a place of Christian religious pilgrimage. It holds a large number of Churches, each having their own history, spiritual significance and distinctive style of architecture....

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Kerala Temple Festivals

Kerala has a large number of temples having its own legends and traditions. Festivals of these temples are conducted once in a year on specific days. The religious practices and beliefs associated with these festivals vary from temple to temple. The ritual behind the festival is that, the deity of the temple, presiding over the welfare of the community, wanted to visit their subjects once in an year......

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kerala Literature

Malayalam is the official language of Kerala. It is spoken by over 38 million people, and acquired the designation of a Classical language in India, in 2013. Malayalam is the youngest of Dravidian languages, which had its origin in the sixth century from Sen-Tamil or Middle Tamil. Malayalam has the influence of both Indian and Foreign languages... ...

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Kerala Taste

Kerala claims the fame – ‘ the Gods Own Country’ with its geographical features and the rich cultural heritage it possess. Likewise, Kerala cuisines have unique elements that reflects the culture, history and tradition of the people.


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Kerala Agriculture

Kerala, with its geographical and climatic condition, is a land suitable for agriculture production. The sufficient supply of water by the 44 rivers and its tributaries, the lakes, the backwaters and an average rainfall of 122 inches annually, facilitates agriculture to a great extent.Kerala’s most essential and primary crop is the rice or paddy. Paddy cultivation is a part of the culture of the State. Varieties of rice are cultivated in the extensive paddy fields of Kerala. The kuttanad region, spreaded over the districts...

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